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Bopp Thermal lamination Film
PET Thermal Lamination Film(Golss&Matt)
PET Pouch film

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PET Pouch film
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PET Pouch film

Standard Glossy Pouches
High quality crystal clear laminating pouches for general purpose use for documents. Suitable for use with high quality pouch laminator. Carriers will also be supplied if you require.
Multi-punched Pouches
Pouches with multi-punched margin ready for use in 2 or 4-ring binders. This prevents the need to punch holes in the documents and at the same time provides a protective finish for the document. Ideal for sales presentation materials, literature files, workshop manuals, operating instructions, etc.
Sticky Back Pouches
Glossy finish pouches coated with self-adhesive back for application onto any smooth surface. Simply laminate the documents as normal, peel away the protective backing sheet and apply. Ideal for use in displays and notices/sings applied directly onto walls/doors.

Thickness: 25 ¨C 350 micron
Size: A3 A4 B4 B5 etc.
Packing: according to customers¡¯requirement such as 50 sheets/box, 100 sheets/box, 25 sheets/box and so on.
Laminating Temperature:110-135¡æ


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