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Bopp Thermal lamination Film
PET Thermal Lamination Film(Golss&Matt)
PET Pouch film

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Bopp Thermal lamination Film
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Bopp Thermal lamination Films

Environmentally friendly:It is environmentally friendly,nonhazardous to healty and safe to use no toxic gases or voatile content is emitted.Safety in laminating process ad no solvent based adhesive is used.
High function:Compared with other solvent lamination,our film is better in clarity and bonding.Strong ability of absorbing power.It prevents lamination from being pressed,bubbled and shredded off easily.Matt thermal lamination film is good for spot UVand hot stamping.
Easy handing:It is easy to operate once the required temperatures is met and no special technique required.
Effcient and energry-saving:Production costs it reduced substantially ad there is no film wastage,mixture of adhesive solvent,and ni UV heating lamp is required.
Adaptable to diffeerent kinds of machines:This film is recommended to be used in dry laminator.Small adjustments need to be made to the machine if the film is used in wet laminator.

THICKNESS TOTAL 24 25 27 29 26 28 30
BASE 12 15 17 17 15 17 18
ADHESIVE 12 10 10 12 11 11 12
WIDTH(MM) 360 390 440 540 590 780 880 1080 1320 (or as per cuestomer¡¯s request)

25.4MM(1 inch) 58MM(2 ubcg) 76MM(3 inch) MD:2.4*106 dyne/cm

TENSILE MD:2.4*106 dyne/cm CD:5.3*106 dyne/cn

Process Requirement:
Equipment for laminating film:dry and wet film laminartor.
Temperature:Normal:85-100¡æ Special:100-110¡æ
Roller pressure:10-18Mpa
Remarks:Special laminatioins refer to those with thicker ink,solid color,high moisture content and bigger size paper.
Application manual:
1.Adjust roller pressure and temperature according to different types of paper and ink.
2.When using the film for the first time or changing to other sizes,we recommend a small trial volume before going into fully mass lamination.
3.The following situation will affect quality of the film during lamination.
    a.When using metal ink
    b.When the ink contains too much max,dried oil,adhesive,and silicon additive,etc
    c.When the ink is too thick
    d.When the ink is not completely dry
    e.When the paper contains too much moisture
    f.When there is too much power.

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